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Number: 62674053

A blockchain based ecosystem whereby energy produced by power plants, renewable or non-renewable or Waste to Energy technologies, is applied to a digital asset, digital protocol or a smart contract for delivery to cryptocurrency mining farms.

The digital asset or the smart contract would act as a measure of the amount of electrical consumption to generate 1 unit of the respective underlying cryptocurrency mined. The power plant performs as a master node whereby the entire electrical output of multiple power plants flow within a centralized or decentralized public ledger flowing the value of electricity to various mining farms globally.

4NEW President speaking to 4800 people at the North American Bitcoin Conference.



We throw away 2.12 billion tonnes of waste globally each year, growing 3% each year – this means we will double our waste output in 25 years.


The world energy supply is around 80 percent reliant on fossil fuel energy. The IEA predicts a rise in global energy demand of 50-60%, and a 50% rise in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


Crypto-mining energy consumption growth is exponential. As of March 31, 2018, 1 Bitcoin transaction consumed as much power as 30.5 US households for a day, this is a 500% rise since September 2017.



Each of our plants take in 50,000-100,000 tonnes of waste annually, processing it in an environmentally-friendly method, in order to create electricity. Gate fees offset the operational costs of the plants, allowing for free electricity production.


The electricity we produce is constant, year round, and is scalable to any location with human activity. Electricity is either sold to the national grid or applied to operate mining processes at the onsite mining farm.


4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly blockchain ecosytem powered by waste to energy power plants. 4New’s ecosystem will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions whereby production of energy can directly meet the consumption of energy globally.

Offering Highlights


We are producers of energy,

Not an energy exchange platform.

Waste to Energy (WTE) power plants serve as a dynamic solution with over a 115 year history for addressing two social & environmental crisis; Waste Surplus & Energy Shortfall. Furthermore, other renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydro are all dependent on natural resource availability; waste is available everywhere. Revenue generated from waste processing operates the plant at breakeven. Therefore, the energy produced is free. This free energy can be sold to the national grid or consumed.

KWATT Utilization


In 2018, you can stake KWATT to apply your electricity towards crypto mining transactions.


In 2018, you can trade KWATT to pay for electric bills.


In 2018. you can utilize KWATT for global healthcare and money transfer services.

Valuation Estimator

Projected Annual Token Valuation

Purchase 50,000

Projected Annual Token Valuation:
Year 15%
Year 210%
Year 315%
Year 420%
Year 525%
Total Valuation:$876,431

Projected Annual Token Valuation based on increase in output capacity of the power plants, while maintaining fixed token supply

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Projected Annual Token Valuation:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Token Valuation
Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. Opinions and/or estimates reflect an opinion at the original date of publication by us and are subject to change without notice. The price of, value of and income can fall as well as rise.


Come Meet Us On The Road

Date : 18-19 JAN, 2018

The North American Bitcoin Conference

Venue : MIAMI

Date : 16-18 FEB, 2018

The Futuretech EXPO

Venue : Kay Bailey Hutchison Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas

Date : 15-16 MARCH, 2018

The Business of Blockchain

Venue : The Palace Of Fine Arts Theatre San Francisco, CA

Date : 11-13 JULY, 2018

Blockchain World Conference


Advisory Team

Management Team


DEC 2015

Plant 1

Construction Begins

SEP 2016

Plant 2

Construction Begins

MAR 2017

Plant 1


OCT 2017

Plant 2


OCT 2017


Round 1 Launch of KWATT

NOV 2017

Closing the Pre-Sale

Round 1

DEC 2017

Closing the Pre-Sale

Round 2


Initiate planning on 3rd plant site
Complete setup and initiate operations of first mining rigs onsite
Launch power plant integration with mining rigs
Complete KYC and 4new blockchain development and integration


Rigs with functional capacity of power plant

ICO Ends Aug 10th

Exchange Listing 21st Aug


Initiate scale up logistics of power output and performance of mining rigs onsite, achieving full plant capacity


Initiate build out of 3rd facility and global expansion plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the KWATT token is based the ERC-20 token standard and Ethereum-powered smart contracts. Once the blockchain is developed, the token will be swapped out for the KWATT coin which will interact with the blockchain. The total token offering is three hundred million tokens (300,000,000). This is the hard cap limit for the crowd sale offering. Each KWATT Coin represents 1 kilowatt of electricity per year.

KWATT Coin holders will be able to apply their energy to one of two places. They can either sell their energy to the UK National Grid, or they can choose to apply it towards 4NEW’s cryptocurrency mining farm. At the start of each year, KWATT Coin holders will be able to choose how their energy is used. Energy is determined by the total amount of KWATT Coins in their control at the time of this election. Management reserves the right to determine a user’s energy allocation if a decision is not made within the allotted time frame.
Each year, 35% of profits are allocated towards the development of additional plants. This will increase business longevity and scalability.
4NEW’s financial statements will be maintained at Zucker Forensics P.A. Zucker Forensics is a credentialed forensic accounting firm with a staff of U.S. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). The team has over 35 years of forensic accounting experience and specializes in identifying fraudulent accounting practices.
4NEW’s independent auditor is Daszkal Bolton LLP. Over a 26 year tenure, Daszkal Bolton has forged an illustrious track record that includes highly profitable companies from every sector. In an effort to comply with the highest ethical standards, 4NEW management will submit to annual audits.
The energy inefficiency of Bitcoin mining is significantly greater than initially anticipated, and the associated carbon footprint is worrisome. Bitmain serves as a perfect example. Their mining operation consists of 25,000 units in total, seven buildings housing 21,000 ASIC Bitcoin rigs, and another building with 4,000 Litecoin rigs. Their profits are around $200,000 per day, after paying for 40 mW of $0.05 per kilowatt-hour, coal-powered electricity totaling $40,000. This is in addition to paying 50 salaried employees.

The mining operation produces a lot of heat, resulting in a higher-than-usual malfunction rate. Cooling costs to keep the devices at normal temperatures are about one fifth of the total power consumption.

The mine’s total footprint is between 24-40 tons of CO2 per hour. This mean the total energy consumption of the Bitcoin network processes about 200 tons of CO2 per hour at minimum. The footprint could be significantly reduced if the source of energy is substituted for a greener method.

Bitmain’s plant consumes 40 megawatts per hour (approximately 5% of the total Bitcoin output), the same output capacity of the 4NEW plant. Therefore, it is possible for our operation to scale in the same way. At approximately 5% market share of a $20 billion Bitcoin mining sector, the projected market capitalization of 4NEW revenues is roughly $1 billion.

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